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Gear I Use

Unless stated otherwise all products on this page are products I personally use and recommend. They are not products that have been given to me as part of a promotional or sponsorship deal. These are all products I have paid full price for and use because I like them. If at any point a product is given as part of a promotional or sponsorship deal I will make sure it is stated in the description of the item.

GME UHF Antennas

I currently run the GME AE4707B antenna and the GME AE4702BTP twin pack. The AE4707B antenna is a 2.1gb medium duty antenna and spring base. The AE4702BTP pack is the same but also includes the 6.6db antenna which is interchangeable to be used on either spring base. I selected these antennas because even though not the cheapest on the market I have faced problems with cheaper antennas and trust GME to provide a quality product. I purchased both of these Continue Reading

GME AE4707B antenna & Base

GME TX3100 UHF Radio

The first UHF I purchased for the Pajero was the GME TX3100 as a Plug And Play kit. Unfortunately GME appear to have stopped making this radio as the Plug & Play kit. This radio is still available as a Stand Alone radio or as a Value Pack with a 6.6db antenna and base. The Plug & Play kit included a 12v accessory plug for power and a magnetic antenna for easy mounting to the roof or bonnet of your vehicle and portability. I have since hard wired my GME TX3100 into my vehicle and upgraded the antenna to the GME AE4707B mentioned above Continue Reading

Dometic CD-30 Drawer Fridge

The Dometic CD30 Drawer fridge is the first fridge I have ever owned and can not really fault it. It uses very little power once down to operating temperature, is quite when sleeping in the back of the vehicle and fitted the space I had planned for a fridge. Although these fridges are generally not the cheapest when compared to chest style fridges they are more practical in many cases allowing for items to be stored above and beside the fridge and also not requiring any form of additional fridge slide for their access. The Compressor on the back of these

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Dometic CD-30 Fridge
GME TX665 1W Handheld UHF Radio

GME TX665 1W Hand Held UHF Radio


The GME TX665 1W Handheld radio has been discontinued and replaced by the TX776 1W which is available Black of Pink to support the McGrath Foundation. The TX6160 5W radio is available in a wider range of colours including the McGraths Foundation Pink and the Beyond Blue, Blue radio so keep this in mind when picking your next handheld and considering supporting one of these great charities. 

I originally purchased the TX665 as a twin pack at JB Hifi when I spotted the pack on clearance. I picked these up originally for my

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360 Degrees Hiking Stove

For a long time I had been using the typical single burner butane stove from Kmart but I was finding it to be a pain when I wanted a quick cup of coffee while enjoying some beautiful scenery. It took up a lot of room in my drawers and was generally buried under all my plates and cooking utensils. For this reason I wanted something smaller and easier to access for a quick cuppa but also budget friendly. Looking online I found the 360 Degrees Hiking Stove at Anaconda for around $25 members price so the wife and I took a drive to check them out. 

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DJI Osmo Action 3

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 & AS20

While much older camera's, the Sony Action Cameras have provided me with a great GoPro alternative for a number of years. I first picked up the HDR-AS15 as a package deal when renewing my mobile phone contract with Optus. If I opted for the Sony Xperia phone I could get the camera for free which obviously I did.

At the time of release these were a cheaper option to the popular GoPro and performed pretty much the same. The AS20 version films in 1080p resolution and 60fps while the AS15 required a recent firmware update to film in 60fps and was limited to 30fps prior to that. Both cameras provide a Continue Reading

360 Degrees Hiking Stove

DJI Osmo Action 3


When the chance finally came up to upgrade from the old Sony Action Cams to something new I started doing my research. I knew I wanted something small and compact in the form of an Action Camera but I look at the GoPro much like I look at Apple Products or Landcruisers. Over Rated and over priced. That does not mean I wasn't willing to buy one if they fitted my needs perfectly.

After reading a bunch of reviews and watching head to head comparison videos on YouTube I opted for the cheaper but seemingly better, DJI Osmo Action 3 camera. So far I am not disappointed what so ever.

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Sony Action Cam, HDR-AS15 & HDR-AS120
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