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360 Degrees Hiking Stove

For a long time I had been using the typical single burner butane stove from Kmart but I was finding it to be a pain when I wanted a quick cup of coffee while enjoying some beautiful scenery. It took up a lot of room in my drawers and was generally buried under all my plates and cooking utensils. For this reason I wanted something smaller and easier to access for a quick cuppa but also budget friendly. Looking online I found the 360 Degrees Hiking Stove at Anaconda for around $25 members price so the wife and I took a drive to check them out. 

Well I came home with two of them and a few of the butane cans to suit (Butane was from Kmart). These little stoves have made things so much simpler and now rather than a single large bulky stove I have two. While small these provide a lot of heat and I have cooked with a full sized frying pan on them. 

360 Degrees Hiking Stove

Admittedly the flame does tend to heat the centre of the pan more rather than spreading it over a larger area but they still work well. I have cooked Fish & Chips over one of these nicely. For that quick road side cuppa they take up no space, set up in seconds and boil the jug father than my old larger stove did. They also protect the flame from wind more due to the burner being closer to the bottom of the item on top and the gas being expelled faster. In saying that however they do seem to last longer than the other style of butane canisters and are not as badly impacted in cold weather. 

Not only are these very handy in the car but as designed for they are great out on a hike to cook up a little food, make a cuppa etc. Being so small and light weight they are very easy to throw in your pack along with a stainless pot for boiling water and a cup (I have found my stainless cups are not quite wide enough to sit on top due to the distance between the supports) and make yourself a cuppa on the tracks. 

Buy these stoves here:

Single stove

Stove and pot kit

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