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GME TX665 1W Hand Held

The GME TX665 1W Handheld radio has been discontinued and replaced by the TX776 1W which is available Black of Pink to support the McGrath Foundation. The TX6160 5W radio is available in a wider range of colours including the McGraths Foundation Pink and the Beyond Blue, Blue radio so keep this in mind when picking your next handheld and considering supporting one of these great charities. 

I originally purchased the TX665 as a twin pack at JB Hifi when I spotted the pack on clearance. I picked these up originally for my Niece's & Nephew to play with however after unboxing them I came to notice they were better radios than the Uniden twin pack I was currently using and they had USB charging making it easier to keep the battery charged while away from 240v.   

GME TX665 1W Handheld UHF Radio

These radios while cheap and still a lower power have been great when travelling with friends or in groups where other members have not had a radio in car, for spotting others through tough obstacles, assisting in recovery's and while out on walking trails as an additional form of communications when out side of mobile signal. They are light weight, take a good knock, have good volume control and clarity and a great battery life. If you are looking for a good quality but still budget friendly Hand Held UHF Radio I strongly recommend you check out the newer TX667 version of these radios. 

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