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About Me, Who Is Mick?

To put it quickly I am an Aussie bloke that loves everything that Natural Australia has to offer. From the beaches to the rivers, the mountains to the plains, the rainforests to the deserts and everything in between. I don't like the city's, the hustle and the bustle, places like that just drive me insane.


For a bigger explanation and a lot more detail please continue to below. I promise no more half arsed rhyming.

Ok so lets get into it. Born in the early 80's I was raised in the Blacktown area of Western Sydney. When I was a child, younger than 10, my Mother joined WIRES (Wildlife Information & Rescue Services) where she was often bringing home injured native animals, mostly birds (Forked Tail Swallow was her specialty) but we also had a Brushed Tailed & Ring Tailed Possum to care for at one stage. Because of Mum being in WIRES I spent quite a bit of time around our native animals and in the bushlands that still remained around Sydney and Greater Sydney.


My family would also often take me camping/caravanning on the Central Coast around Long Jetty and The Entrance.

Eventually my Grandparents and Aunt purchased a Caravan at Norah Head and we often stayed there for holidays. Fishing, Swimming and an outdoor life was the norm for us. I always seemed to be happy and grew to have a great respect for our country.

I found out at a young age that my family also had Dharug ancestry (Aboriginal people from the Sydney area) but do recall being told by a family member that we do not acknowledge that due to the Stereotype surrounding the Aboriginal people at the time. Fortunately this has changed quite a lot today. In my Teens I would often spend time out with friends & family riding my push bike through the bush near home. Places such as Nurrangingy Reserve in Doonside or playing in around the creeks in my home town of Seven Hills. Simply I loved being outdoors. In my later teens I was working repairing and building Push Bikes in North Parramatta and would ride through Parramatta Park on my way home from work. I often stopped in at a small weir on my way home and just take some time out to relax, listen to the sounds of the water running over the weir, the Grey Headed Flying Foxes, the birds etc. This is where I found happiness.​

In 2001 I was put in hospital after a mugging in Toongabbie on my way home and decided it was time to leave Sydney and move to the Central Coast to start a new life. A place I had always found happiness. At first I treated it like a holiday and didn't bother to much about looking for work. I would rather spend my days at Cabbage Tree Bay, Norah Head snorkelling and swimming. I did eventually get back into work at Wyong RSL Club followed by Wyong Sports & Tennis Club (No longer operating). A few months after moving I met my now wife, Rozlyn and about 18 months later our son Patrick was born. Things didn't go to well for us at this point and we decided to move back to Sydney and stay with my parents in August 2003 until we could get our own place again. Well it wasn't too long and I had work back at Blacktown RSL Club and we had our own place. In the time before moving back to Sydney though I still enjoyed riding my push bike, I had purchased a small boat and outboard so would spend a lot of my time out on the water fishing and cruising around. Simply doing as I have always done and enjoying the outdoors.

Moving back to Sydney however brought it's own problems. I never felt comfortable, I never felt at home. My Mental health started to slip. Money was tight, Work had dried up and trying to support a family on the Dole was not doing me any favours. I took on odd jobs here and there that my Job Network sent me for,

I undertook training and study but still didn't have much luck. In 2008 I had finally found some steady work in a pub in Parramatta, I was working 5 days a week, bringing home decent money and then shit hit the fan, turning my life upside down.  

I got held up while at work, I witnessed my manager get stabbed in the side as this junkie tried to escape. fortunately it was not a serious injury and I ended up with severe PTSD. I became suicidal and was in a very bad way. I could no longer work, I didn't want to get out of bed or do anything, I lost me temper very easy with my wife and son but they stood by me, they supported me and for that I can never thank either of them enough.

While suffering from this horrible condition I got back into fishing, mostly chasing Carp from Parramatta River as it was close and within walking distance. I wasn't driving at this time. I found that Peace returning, I was outdoors again. Sitting again under the Flying Foxes in Parramatta Park, listening to the water, the bats and at times the reel on my fishing rod scream as a Carp took the bait.

Four years after the robbery I finally got a Victims Compensation pay-out, the employer claimed I was fine after the robbery as I continued on working for a couple more months before being terminated due to what turned out to be a dodgy manager, the same one that got stabbed, stealing money that I got blamed for. Long story in its self. This pay-out allowed me to finally buy my first car, get my P's so I could drive and move my family back to the Central Coast. We purchased an on-site caravan at Mannering Park and lived in that for almost a year while getting things together work wise and finding a new home to live in. In this time I started doing some Subcontracting work mowing lawns and eventually started my own small business. A few months later I took over a business owned by one of the guys I subcontracted to in the beginning and this helped me get on the path and run a successful business. We found a nice house to rent, I restored my Grandfathers Tinny, I was outdoors all day mowing and still out fishing land based and in the boat every chance I got. Owning a business was stressful but over all I was happy.

In 2018 I came to find I had back problems and could no longer work in the industry I had been, I could no longer work as part of my business. Being we were not a big business I could not afford to hire someone to cover the physical work. This meant we had to pack it up and sell. On January 25th 2018 I said good bye to the business I had worked so hard to grow and run for the last 5 years. On January 26th 2018 I purchased the Mighty Pajero.

I was once again back on the dole.

In 2016 I had also started a Facebook group for Carp Fishing and that in turn became a fishing club with sponsors, competitions, camping trips etc etc. All of this fell on me while running the business and it became a lot of work. By mid 2019 the Politics, bickering and general bullshit behind all of this had killed my passion for fishing in general and in 2020 I handed it all over to one of the other members, left Facebook and all social media except YouTube, removed all the club graphics from my Pajero and decided it was time I worked on me.​

At this same time my Pajero was off the road due to the timing belt tensioner failing and not having the money to fix it. I had however been told by several people including 2 mechanics that it was the Throw Out Bearing on my clutch so around Christmas 2019 I went into debt for $1600 to have my clutch and that bearing replaced only to find out it was not the problem. I still thank Mr Pajero for helping me identify the problem even though he is on the other side of the country. My Mental health went to absolute shit once again.

2020 started off amazingly (I say sarcastically). Half the country was on fire, then it was flooding and then we copped Covid 19. In honesty this was one of the best things to happen to me in quite some time. Surprisingly the Liberal Government decided to give money to those on low incomes, in particular those on Centrelink payments.

Mick at the waterfall on the Pines Loop Trail

 This meant I now had the money to buy the parts I needed to fix the Pajero. With the help of a mate we got to work, replaced the lifters, spark plugs, leads, Full timing kit including water pump and I finally after almost 9 months had my baby back on the road. The Paj was alive again.


Whilst still a apart of the fishing club I had gotten back into camping both solo and with others, we often spent a weekend camped up on a river somewhere and I will say I do miss those weekends. Now the Paj was back on the road it meant I could start to head out camping on my own again and with the family. As Covid 19 continued the Liberals again surprisingly continued to dish out money to those on lower payments and Centrelink an put in place a program where I was now able to withdraw the last little bit of Superannuation I had, this money would of been spent on the repairs if it wasn't for the first Covid 19 payments. This meant I could get a lumpsum payment from my Super and build out the back of the Pajero with a dual battery system, fridge, bed etc which can all be seen in my videos.

Well this was pretty much the start for Micks 4wd Touring. I filmed and uploaded the build of the Pajero just for others to check out and get ideas on how to set up their own Pajero's. It was nothing serious and I put bugger all effort into those videos. I then started to go camping more and enjoyed getting out. I filmed and took photos of the trips and played around making them into short videos so I could remember them and share them with friends and family. I started watching more local YouTuber's such as Steve from Mudduck 4wd Touring, Tyler Thompson and the typical ones such as 4wd Action (now 4wd 24/7 and no longer watching), Ronny Dahl etc. In 2020 I took my family and headed out with my brother to Lithgow for a weekend and again the Paj broke down as can be seen in the video and got towed back to my parents where I could fix it.

Shortly after this I was doing some maintenance on the motor and stuffed up again. I busted a valve or 2 meaning I needed a full head rebuild. Three more months it was off the road while I worked out the money for repairs and parts. In this Three months though I had planned another weekend away with my brother and he told me I was going regardless. Well this became my Riding Shotgun video and was the weekend I met one of the YouTuber's I had been watching and looking upto. Mudduck. It was after talks with Steve that I decided I might try and make something of my channel, I might put some more effort in and actually do something with it other than just upload random stuff.

This is where Mick's 4wd Touring was actually born. I felt it was a perfect fit for me and maybe one day it could actually get me off Centrelink payments and earning money again. I love the outdoors and have all of my life, I find peace in camping and being in the wilderness, I love exploring and finding new things and most of all I just love this country. YouTube could be exactly what I have been looking for my whole life. I can travel and see all this country has to offer. Well if I ever grow to a point I can make a living from it but it is possible. Once again I have some sort of hope. I still have the bad back, I can't spend hours upon hours sitting at a desk or doing any particular thing but at least with YouTube and Mick's 4wd Touring I can do the things I love, Film & Photograph and take my time putting it together for everyone to see and maybe, just maybe one day this can become my career.

In late 2022 I started to question if Mick's 4wd Touring was the right name, the right fit for what I actually produce in my videos. I started to think about rebranding my channel and all my socials. It was late April 2023 and I finally decided it is time to do so. I thought of new names, Asked my Patreon and a couple of close friends and family members what their thoughts were and gave them the planned new name. I was already working on rebuilding this website and taking a little break from releasing videos. I decided I will utilize this time and work on the rebranding. Upon release of this version of the website and returning to releasing new content on YouTube things changed from "Mick's 4wd Touring" to the current name "On Country With Mick".  


Well I guess thats it, Finally after my life story has been laid out in front of you to read, We are finally at the end of it. This is where I am at now, working to build On Country With Mick into something I can be proud of, something that can support me and the family and most of all something you all hopefully enjoy.


If you want to help support me make this dream into a reality Please subscribe to me on YouTube and support me on Patreon, links to the right.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yunma Budyari Muragu - Walk A Good Path

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