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Brands shown on this page support On Country With Mick. Each brand supports me in different ways be it providing free products, discounts to myself on purchases, discounts to my followers through the use of discount codes, products for review/test videos etc. 

All of these brands are ones I have chosen to work with because I believe in and support their products. I will not work with brands just for the sake of free products, I will only work with those I support. 

Wishart's Paint Solutions
Pajero Predator
Predator Protective Coating

Predator Coatings

I first heard of Predator at the 2022 Sydney 4wd & Adventure Show. I came across the stand there and as I was considering spraying the Pajero in another popular brand I got to talking with the rep's. I looked at the product and how it turned out on the displayed ute tub. The Rep's informed me Predator was Australian designed, manufactured and owned unlike the other brand which is always something that is nice to have in a product.

I reached out in June 2023 when it was getting close to respray time and we agreed on a Supporters deal. 

Predator Coatings is distributed by Wishart's Paint Solutions in NSW and now sold all over the country. From what I have come to understand is that predator was designed after the other branded product was not living up to claims in the Australian Conditions. Predator was then designed to be stronger and more suited to our conditions and the style of driving many do here.


Autobarn Logo

Autobarn - Lakehaven

I have been a customer of Autobarn - Lakehaven for many years. I have always found them to have good customer service, competitive prices and a good knowledge of their products and vehicles which really helps when needing advice.

Generally I shop at Autobarn for oils, additives and electronic related products such as stereo's, UHF equipment, wiring and fuses. I trust that when I walk in and ask a question I am getting good advice from someone that actually knows about car's. The manager of the Lakehaven store, Ben will actually be appearing in an upcoming Show Us Ya Bits episode and Autobarn Lakehaven are supporters of a local car meet, Surf Sand & Cars at Lakes Beach where I frequently show off the Paj. 

Autobarn can also install and fit your new items from baby seats to light bars, from roof racks to 12v systems. 


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