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Dometic CD-30

The Dometic CD30 Drawer fridge is the first 12v vehicle fridge I have ever owned and can not really fault it. It uses very little power once down to operating temperature, is quite when sleeping in the back of the vehicle and fitted the space I had planned for a fridge. Although these fridges are generally not the cheapest when compared to chest style fridges they are more practical in many cases allowing for items to be stored above and beside the fridge and also not requiring any form of additional fridge slide for their access. The Compressor on the back of these fridges can also be moved for easier fitment if required. The only real downside to these fridges is that you are more limited to height of products, for example you can not stand a stubby upright in these fridges like you can in a chest style fridge, this however encourages owners to opt for cans rather than glass helping to prevent broken glass around campsites or in your fridge if bottles happen to move around.

Dometic CD-30 Drawer fridge

Also having the thermostat inside the fridge rather than a digital gauge on the outside like others do this means taller items can get stuck behind or in front of it when opening and closing the fridge. to combat this I have installed some Perspex dividers to keep taller items such as bottles of water from moving behind the thermostat. I have done this so it perfectly fits items such as cans and juice boxes under the thermostat, I can fit approximately 12 cans on that side while leaving plenty of room for food or taller drink containers on the other side.

I purchased my fridge from Snowys Online and they delivered to my door quickly and for a decent price. Their prices have increased quite a lot since I purchased mine however.

Buy the Dometic CD-30 here.

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