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GME TX3100 UHF Radio

The first UHF I purchased for the Pajero was the GME TX3100 as a Plug And Play kit. Unfortunately GME appear to have stopped making this radio as the Plug & Play kit. This radio is still available as a Stand Alone radio or as a Value Pack with a 6.6db antenna and base. The Plug & Play kit included a 12v accessory plug for power and a magnetic antenna for easy mounting to the roof or bonnet of your vehicle and portability. I have since hard wired my GME TX3100 into my vehicle and upgraded the antenna to the GME AE4707B mentioned above but the radio still works like new after over 5 years in the Pajero. 

I originally purchased the Plug & Play kit from BCF however now they are available at Autobarn as both the Stand Alone and the value pack.


GME TX3100 5W UHF Radio
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