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Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 & AS20

While much older camera's, the Sony Action Cameras have provided me with a great GoPro alternative for a number of years. I first picked up the HDR-AS15 as a package deal when renewing my mobile phone contract with Optus. If I opted for the Sony Xperia phone I could get the camera for free which obviously I did.

At the time of release these were a cheaper option to the popular GoPro and performed pretty much the same. The AS20 version films in 1080p resolution and 60fps while the AS15 required a recent firmware update to film in 60fps and was limited to 30fps prior to that. Both cameras provide a Time Lapse option (used in a number of videos such as A Week In The Watagans Day 6 for the Sunrise over Heaton Lookout). A Slow Motion and Super Slow Motion option although without sound recording and of course a range of normal filming sizes and options. 

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 & HDR-AS20

Being older cameras these are great for those wanting to start out filming some trips and can be picked up cheap on Marketplace of Gumtree. I picked up the AS20 from Marketplace for $30. They are both waterproof and shockproof with the housing but as can be seen I have cut the front of one housing open. I have done this because the audio is muffled with the closed housing  much the same as the GoPro of the same time frame and they have a habit of fogging up as the camera gets warmer, this has become the main housing I use when filming.

The other downside is there is no mounting options on the camera it's self and requires the housing to be attached to anything. These use the standard Tripod screw mounting option. I believe newer versions have changed their set up and now provide mounting options on the camera. They also have a Microphone input for use with an auxiliary mic however this is on the bottom of the camera and is not usable with the case making it basically useless but the built in microphone does provide quite a good quality recording. 

The latest version of the Sony Action Camera, the AS50 4K can still be found in some stores although I do believe Sony have discontinued the range so looking for them second hand will be the best option. 

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