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Wyrrabalong Coastal Walk

Bateau Bay Walking Track:

Wyrrabalong Coastal Walk starts either around Helen Street & Bateau Bay Road at Bateau Bay or at the end of Cromarty Hill Road at Forresters Beach on the NSW Central Coast. Either way this walk is approximately 4km each way but it is not very difficult and is well worth tackling.


Starting at Bateau Bay you enter quite an easy dirt trail and with several little turns to your left. These turns give you views out over the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort and Shelly Beach. Soon you face the option to continue on straight on what Google Maps shows as the Bateau Bay Point Walking Track East or to follow the West track. Following the East track you venture out along a narrower trail to the point between Bateau Bay Beach and Shelly Beach. There is a goat track down to Bateau Bay Beach from here but it is not an easy climb. Heading back you re-join the West track and venture out into a reserve overlooking the Bateau Bay Beach it’s self with access along the North and Middle Beach tracks.

A little further along you come across another reserve, this time with public toilets and a few more benches to sit and take in the views over the beach. There is also a car park at this post with access to the beach along the Southern access track.

Entering now onto a pebblecrete style walking trail to the south of Bateau Bay Beach, you venture into thicker bush with a large Bush Turkey nest to your left and some amazing old Gum trees, Banksia and Gulgadya (Xanthorroea) to name a few. This section of the track gives scattered views out across the ocean and provides a number of other access points as it follows closely to the road. This is ideal if you are not up for the whole walk.


Crackneck Lookout:

Crackneck Lookout is approximately half way along this walking trail  and again provides a great spot to start and finish your walk if you are not up for the full length. This way you could tackle either direction at separate times to make it a little easier. The lookout its self provides stunning views across the coast especially North back up over The Entrance, Shelly Beach etc. There is even a compass situated at the lookout so you can get an idea of what you are viewing in the distance.

Crackneck Lookout also provides hang glider launch for those looking for something more daring with an Astroturf run way behind a locked gate and a couple of memorial plaques on the seats for some that have passed either lost their lives while enjoying the area or that simply loved the area and are remembered there.

Crackneck Lookout – Wyrrabalong Lookout:

After leaving Crackneck Lookout you head back onto a dirt trail and into the bush again. This section is a little more difficult although still quite easy; the steps towards the end are the worst of it. The environment changes quite a lot here as does the walking trail. You quickly go from Gum Trees etc through to Ferns and Palms then back to Gums etc. In some sections the track its self goes from firm ground to soft sand with landscaped retaining walks and signage to tell you what is around in regard to wild life and plant species. Towards the final section you are faced with some metal grate style steps heading down but of course, what goes down must come up. It is worth it though. Before heading abck up the steps you come across a couple of clearings where you can look out over the cliff edge and the ocean. We have spotted several Dolphin pods playing in the shallows at the base of the cliff so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Once heading back up the stairs you come to the Wyrrabalong Lookout with views North, East and South. To the East you mostly see the Ocean but it is a great spot for Whale Watching as you do get a very clear wide view. To the South you look out over Forresters Beach, Wamberal and Terrigal. There is also another Hang Glider launch to the southern side. When heading out towards the road there is a control room with a communications tower and satellite dish to check out, these make for some great photo opportunities.

From here you can either take the walk back or be picked up from a waiting vehicle if you are not up for the walk back.

This walk is well worth the effort but be sure to wear some comfy shoes suitable for the terrain and to take some water with you as there are very few spots to get a drink once you leave Bateau Bay.

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