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Wollombi is a small historic town located in the lower Hunter Region. The town is a popular stay over for those visiting the vineyards and those under taking the Great north Walk from Sydney to Cessnock. 

Through the little town there is loads to see from churches built in the mid 1800's to a museum and of course the historic Wollombi Tavern.

The main street gives a feeling 0f stepping back in time with the old buildings still standing especially with places such as the old Police Station now converted to a Museum. Be sure to take some coins with you to check out the Museum with plenty of history of the town.

Don't go past The Little Yango Room either, Part of the old fire station The Little Yango Room is now a small gallery where local Aboriginal Artists show off their works. Speaking of

Aboriginal's, the area is the traditional lands of the Woonarua people although this is a hotly debated topic with Darkinjung claiming it to be their traditional lands. Either way it was known to be a meeting place between different nations where they would partake in ceremony, trade resources such as foods and tools.  

I first visited the town after completing a drive from Wisemans Ferry along Wollombi Rd through St Albans and Mogo Creek, predominantly dirt road before Great North Rd at Bucketty and heading to Wollombi. This drive is a very scenic one with the remains and works done by the convicts back around 1830. There are signs and information along the way giving you some of the history and old Culverts along Great North Rd from Bucketty to Wollombi.

There is a beautiful little walk along Wollombi Brook, a really cooky little antique shop called The Forge and of course the tavern where you can buy Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice which has a history all of it's own. Apparently Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice started by then owner Mel Jurd taking the spillings from the night before and mixing them up to serve them as his own concoction. This could include Port, Brandy, wine and other drinks. While the mix today has been more refined and tastes to me mostly of Port it is still trademarked to the Wollombi Tavern and can only be purchased in store or online from the Wollombi Tavern Website (Link below). 

This is just a little of what can be seen and done in the town so make sure to take a trip out, stay in or close to town and check it all out. Sadly the Tavern no longer offers free camping on the grounds but their are a number of B&B's in the area.

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