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Watagan Rainforest Retreat

Located in Martinsville NSW is this stunning little Air Bnb. Hosted by June & Geoff on their private property is the Watagan Rainforest Retreat, A small single bedroom cabin surrounded by rainforest and bush lands. While still on the same property as the owners this is a very private and relaxing location. From the Hammock provided on the front deck where you can lay back and relax, have a nap or just watch the resident Wallabies and King Parrots to the comfortable bed and couch inside. The cabin includes Air Con and ceiling fans as well as large windows for a wonderfully sunny experience.

There is just one catch; you have to feed the wild life. That’s right, twice a day, breakfast and dinner you must feed the Wallabies who will eat right from your hands and let you pat them, the King Parrots and the local finches. June will explain how and when to feed them but this really does add to the experience.


Nearby is a really beautiful walk off into the rainforest where you can sit by the stream and listen to the frogs and the water run over the rocks or if you are feeling more adventurous you can follow on the trail through thick bush lands following the pink ribbons June has tied to some of the trees to guide your way. Make sure to wear good quality enclosed footwear and a walking stick/hiking pole is recommended as the trail can get rather interesting and steep. Oh and don’t forget the water as it will take a bit out of you. On the trail you will be able to get up close and person with some of the massive Birds Nest Ferns and Stag Horn Ferns growing from rocks and trees. If you get a chance to chat with Geoff see if you can get a tour of his mill where he milled the timber used to build their home and check out his geode collection.

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