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Tank Track
Timber Beach Trail

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The Tank Track:

The Tank Track is a short walk starting off at the Carpark on Snapper Point Road in Munmorah State Conservation Area. The carpark is located at the top of the Moonie Beach Track and across the road from the start of this trail. Upon entering this trail you will notice a large communications tower and a trig point.

Following the track down an easy but steep track to the bottom you will find off to the right a large water storage tank which would most likely be used to supply the near by Fraser Beach amenities. To the left once reaching the bottom of the track there is another not taken in my video but this is a nice walk through to the above mentioned amenities and Fraser Beach area. 

​The Tank Track Trig Point is listed as a Geocache location on

the Australian Geocache Website (View Here)

Timber Beach Trail:

Again another small walk although this one is a little more challenging with larger sandstone wash outs along the path. This track is a really beautiful walk with the vibrant yellow sandstone and views over the ocean to the North facing Ghosties & Moonie Beach. Once you reach the bottom end of the trail you can head to the right as shown in my video to look out over the beach and the ocean or to the left and follow it a little further where you can find reasonably easy access down onto this small secluded beach. I would only recommend accessing the beach in good clear weather with low swell.

On the beach you will find a range of different stones made of different compounds and minerals. Off into the water a little is a small cave that is only accessible at low tide, again in good conditions. This is a beautiful spot for a swim and relax on the beach and there is a good chance you may be the only one there. The trail does appear to follow on a little further past the beach access to the top of the Ghosties Beach Cave although I have not travelled this far as yet. There is no access onto Ghosties Beach from here.


The walk back up and out on a hot day can be a bit of a struggle if you are not a seasoned bush walker so having a cold drink waiting back in the car is strongly advised. 

Munmorah State Conservation Area does require an $8/vehicle access fee with ticket booths at all car parks or annual passes available from the National Parks & Wildlife website. 

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