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The Three Sisters

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Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. The Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains. The Three Sisters is located at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. This is a very special place in Aboriginal Folk Law being what is known as Boarder Country between the Dharug, Wiradjuri and Gundungurra People. Now I am not 100% sure on which people the stories below came from but I believe them to be between Gundungurra and Dharug. The simple story is that the Three Sisters, Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo were turned to stone by a witch doctor and could not be turned back. I will put my favourite story below; you can watch the video for the other story.

The Three Sisters today is a very popular tourist location with a small information center and gift shop and several viewing platforms including a walk right down to one of the Sisters. You were at one point able to walk out onto one of the Sisters however this walkway has now been closed off, although on my visit people were climbing the rails to get over anyway

and some even climbing the side rails for a better photo regardless of the massive drop from the edge. 

This is the first story I had heard of The Three Sisters and is by far my favourite.

Long ago, there was a Bunyip who lived in a deep hole near the area known as the Blue Mountains today. Everyone was afraid of it and passing the hole was considered very dangerous. There was also a witch doctor called Tyawan living in the same area. He had three daughters named Meenhi, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo.


Tyawan had to pass the hole with the Bunyip whenever he went looking for food. He knew the danger of the area well so he was very careful when doing that. He even left his daughters safely on a cliff behind a rocky wall before starting his journey.

One day, Tyawan said goodbye to three sisters and went down the cliff stepping into the valley as usual. Meenhi who was on the cliff saw a large caterpillar and threw a stone at it. The stone missed the caterpillar crashing into the hole where the Bunyip sleeps. It woke up and ripped apart the wall in front of the girl. Seeing this, their father used his magic bone to turn them into stone. So, they became the Three sisters Blue Mountains New South Wales Australia we can even see today.

Annoyed by this, the Bunyip then turned to Tyawan. So, he changed into a Lyre Bird but dropped his magic bone while transforming. He waited till the Bunyip moves back into the hole and returned in search of his magic bone. But he could not find it. So, he couldn’t turn himself or his daughters back into their true forms. It is said that he still flies around the Three Sisters’ Blue Mountains looking for his magic bone.


Visiting The Three Sisters does require paying a parking fee and most parking is on the roads surrounding the area, all of which is paid and requires you to use a keycard as the machines do not accept cash. We paid $17.50 for 1.5 hours of parking which I feel is very bloody expensive.

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