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Sun Valley Nudist Retreat

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Tucked away in the stunning bush along the Georges River in Minto Heights is Australia's oldest Nudist Property. Sun Valley Nudist Retreat is a real hide away location for those looking for something outside the normal camping. 

Sun Valley Nudist Retreat was founded in the 1930's if not a little earlier and taking a walk down to Fred's Beach on the river you can still see remnants of the original camp, With the tin cabin along the track, an old car abandoned in the bush and some remaining structures from old brick buildings you can really get an idea of just how old this place is and how long it has been around. 

While taking a walk down the main trail to the river is perfectly fine to do in the nude it is suggested you wear clothing if you wish to follow the rest of the trail along the river as you may just come across some unsuspecting bush walkers heading the other direction. 

Sun Valley is set up for Off Grid Bush Camping although it does provide flushing toilets, timed hot water showers, tank water and a BBQ area. While the place is an amazing experience the owner of the camp, Ted, is working on improving things such as the Outdoor Kitchen/BBQ area and other things. 

Sun Valley provides a safe and relaxed environment for those wishing to experience the Nudist lifestyle for the first time or those that regularly partake in it. While you are there have a talk and maybe a beer or 2 with Ted and he will gladly tell you of many more places to visit on your travels. 

Ted can be contacted via Text Message 0415 190 768 and bookings are essential. 

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