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Somersby Falls

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Inside the Brisbane Waters National Park and only a short drive from the M1 Motorway ay Somersby you have the absolutely stunning Somersby Falls. As soon as you step out of the car you can hear the Water Falls flowing. Right at the car park there are picnic areas, benches, toilets and of course, garbage bins. You may even be greeted by one of the many Scrub Turkeys from the area but please do not feed them. At the start of the walk there is a large sign explaining what you can see and how the falls separate. The whole walk is approximately 200m each way so it is not at all a long walk although it does have quite a lot of steps both rock and manmade, over all though I believe it is quite easy. Before heading down the track take a short walk across the top where you will find a nice grassed area with a bench and views over the most Top Falls. Be warned though, if you venture out into the water at all the rocks can be very slippery as you can enjoy in my video.


Finally starting the track after taking in the stunning views already you walk down stairs, yes the dreaded stairs. You quickly find a fork in the track to go and look at the most Top Falls from the lower point and across the top of the Top Falls. Turning back and continuing down the trail you come across some more steps and easy paths. Before arriving at the bottom section of Top Falls there is another small water fall off to the left on a little more of an unofficial track but this one is well worth a look as well.

As you arrive at the bottom of the Top Falls it is a sight to behold as the water flows down the falls and across the rocks on the bottom into a nice calm shallow pool. Again the rocks here can be very slippery; this is where I took a slide in my video. These falls are absolutely stunning as is the surrounding area. There are smaller falls at this same level as well which you can walk over the top of here. Keep your eyes and ears open around this walk as well as I saw my first lyrebird here.

Moving further down the track you find a lot more stairs with water trickling down over the rocks alongside the track but generally under the walkway so it does not become slippery. Upon arrival to the Bottom Falls you find a couple of sections to these falls. Obviously you have the larger falls which are officially the Bottom Falls but there are smaller ones again just down as the water continues downstream. These are pretty interesting in my opinion as there are holes that the water flows into and travels underground to emerge further down the creek.

There is an unofficial trail following on further downstream however I have not followed this. Walking back up the track although only short can be a little exhausting with all the stairs so make sure to take your time if you are not in the best shape. There is plenty of room to move over off the path and catch your breath while allowing others to pass easy.

Somersby Falls is inside the Brisbane Waters National Park and therefore does require a National Parks permit or Day Pass. Day Passes are available at the ticket machines in the carpark. 

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