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Newnes is a historic mining town located in the Wollemi National Park, Wolgan Valley, NSW. The town was once a thriving little mining town where they mined and refined Oilshale from 1906 through to 1931. The remains of the old mine can still be found on the grounds within a beautiful little walk. 

Entry to Newnes is via Wolgan Valley Road which in it's self is a lovely drive down into the valley. Once you reach the bottom the road turns to dirt for the last couple of KM. Entering the town you will notice some old farm houses, coal train ruins and the old pub turned museum where you can buy fire wood, remember being National Park the collection of firewood is prohibited. 

Continuing on from the old pub there is the option to cross the creek or continue straight onto the Newnes Campground. Crossing the creek takes you to the Cricket pitch 

Campground as well as the walking track to the ruins and

back to the Glow Worm Tunnel. Both of the campgrounds have drop toilets, garbage bins and some tables with fire pits. The Newnes Campground is easily accessible by any type of vehicle while the Cricket Pitch Campground does require a sandy creek crossing and would not be suitable for 2wd vehicles. The exit from the creek also has a tight left hand turn which might be difficult for caravans and camper trailers. We stayed at the Cricket Pitch Campground. 

Heading to the Cricket pitch Campground you will spot an old platform and more ruins of rail transport vehicles to your left and some old buildings scattered in the bush to the right. The campground is off a little track to the left and opens out to a nice flat area with tables and fire pits/rings. There is also access down short walking tracks to the Wolgan River where you can have a dip to cool down. The river is quite shallow here with a sandy bottom. Even in December when we visited the water was still quite cold and refreshing after my walk through the ruins.

Continuing up the road from camp you will find the gates into the old Oilshale ruins. I took this track on in an Anticlockwise direction. Venturing up the hill you could be mistaken for thinking there is nothing around but eventually, near the top you will come across some old brick works and then as you turn the corner you will find the old Coke Ovens where they would extract the oil from the shale. Please do not enter these ovens as they can be unstable and could collapse. Continuing around you find more ruins scattering in the bush. You will find storage areas, accommodation and so much more so be sure to take your time, read the signage and really take in the area to get a picture of what it would of been like there back in the early 1900's for the workers. 

Before leaving make sure to check out the Museum and see some of the history there as well. If you are keen for a longer walk you can take on the Glow Worm Tunnel Walk or there is even a walk over the mountains via the Pipe Line Track to the Glen Davis Ruins which was part of this facility. This is where they filmed the first season of SAS Australia accommodations. 

Newnes is part of the Wollemi National Park and therefore a bookings are essential for camping and a $6 booking fee is payable. There are also no pets allowed at this location. 

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