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Moonee Beach

Entering from Hooey St, Catherine Hill Bay or from the Moonie Beach Walking Trail you are greeted by the pristine Moonie Beach with soft sands and stunning Blue Ocean. To the North you have the absolutely stunning Pink Boulder Caves along after a short but beautiful walk across the rock ledge. Unfortunately access to The Pink boulder Caves has been closed due to a few losing their lives while trying to access these caves. You can however see their beauty in my video (Here) or in the photo gallery above.

Heading south you can explore the beautiful Flat Rock Point both from the lower rock ledge or up over the beautiful green ridge as you make your way down to Ghosties Beach.

While walking around Flat Rock Point be sure to take in the formations of the rock platform and ledges you are walking on, stop and grab a fresh Rock Oysters if that is your thing (not a fan of Oysters personally) and just enjoy the beauty

that surrounds you. While walking along Ghosties Beach be sure to take in the cliff faces and rock formations along the way as you make your way down to an absolutely stunning Sea Cave.


The side entry for the Ghosties Beach cave has a rather surreal kind of feeling as you walk through and look up at the shapes and colours of the sandstone and make your way into the main cave that opens out with stunning views of the ocean. The feeling you get inside the Ghosties Beach cave is one of complete solitude and total relaxation. Stop and take in the colours, the shapes and the textures of this amazing cave for a bit before taking the walk back out through the dunes and back onto Moonie Beach.

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