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Maiyingu Marragu
(Black Fellows Hands)

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Maiyingu Marragu, The Black Fellows Hands Cave is located on The Black Fellows Hands Track just off of Wolgan Road, North of Lithgow in the Blue Mountains Area. This is a sacred area to the Wiradjuri People as well as others surrounding the area such as the Dharug and Gundungurra. Still used today as a Bush Class Room by the Wiradjuri people, Maiyingu Marragu is a place of special significance. Consisting of Men’s and Women’s areas, A Birthing Area (Men are not allowed in Women’s Areas or Birthing Areas under Aboriginal law), the large cave with paintings of hands, arms and tools scattered along the walls and even a place where they can collect White Ochre which is mostly what was used to create the art on the walls. The area also provided an abundance of food, fresh water and much more. Maiyingu Marragu was a meeting place for various tribes where they would often trade and hold ceremony.

If you venture out here please be respectful of the Traditional owners, do not touch the paintings as this can harm them and simply enjoy the area.


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