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Geebung Walking Track

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Inside the Munmorah State Conservation area is a beautiful walk named the Geebung Walking Track or the Coast Track. With parking on Campbell Drive or on Wybung Road this walk is an approximately 4.75km round trip if returning by road or 4.6km if returning via the trail. 

This is a relatively easy trail with no large steps or obstacles along the maintained trail. From the Northern end you can either turn right (East) to Wybung Heads, follow another small trailer down onto the beautiful Frazer Beach or turn left (West) and follow the road back around to the original car park stopping in at Wybung Trig point to take in the stunning views across the coast. 

Wybung Trig Point is listed as a Geocache location on the Australian Geocache Website (View Here)

At the start of this walk from Campbell Drive parking area you

enter into an area with relatively low vegetation gradually walking down hill into some taller and heavier vegetated areas and finally down to a small creek with a small timber bridge across the water. This particular area is similar to a small rainforest but surrounded with more dry land vegetation. Upon the walk back out you have more taller vegetation often mixed up with much lower areas displaying the view South out over Birdie Beach and the Central Coast. The track itself goes from Gravel to firm sandstone and even soft sand in some areas as is evident from the photo below. 

Keep your eyes open for the vast range of bird life along this walk as well as you often get Wrens, Finches and more darting around in the scrub on the sides of the tracks as well as Sea Eagles flying over head. There are also often prints in the softer ground from Wallaby's, Lizards  and maybe even the occasional snake track.

Munmorah State Conservation Area does require an $8/vehicle access fee with ticket booths at all car parks or annual passes available from the National Parks & Wildlife website. 

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