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Ferntree Gully

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Off the Bylong Valley Way just out of Rylstone in the Ferntree Gully Environmental Area. Heading in along a nice well maintained dirt road to a beautiful open picnic area with a toilet, BBQ Fire pit,Picnic Tables, information board and even a sign in book to show others you have been there. This is a beautiful spot to stop in for some lunch while venturing further abroad or just for a day visit to enjoy the surrounding area and the walking trails. 

The Ferntree Gully Walking Trail is approximately 2.2km round trip and starts at an elevation of around 740m and drops to a low point of around 680m. We ventured in a Clockwise direction which was recommended as the best way to experience this walk. 


Starting off you will see some signs directing you which way to go and some dirt track steps heading down the trail. This was not an overly difficult walk at any point but I would not suggest it for those with poor health. You may notice a strong

smell while on the way down into the gully, Nathan who I was with said this has something to do with native tobacco plants. Personally I'm not too sure but it was pretty strong. As you get down into the gully you will feel like you have jumped back in time with the ancient sandstone cliff faces surrounding you on, the Fig Tree root systems and absolute silence with the exception of some trickling water from time to time and the birds. 

The ferns and moss growing on the sandstone walls really gives you that untouched feeling and the water trickling down the sides is so refreshing. Keep an eye on the plants and wild life because there are plenty to see including fungi which I know some people really love to experience. We were lucky enough to get up pretty close to a stunning lyrebird as well. After a bit the ferns and vines thin out to a more open area with less dense plant life and more taller trees. This is around where you will find the Boardwalk section, just watch out as the Boardwalk may be slippery. Take your time. The Boardwalk ventures through a completely shaded section mostly of tree trunks with a high canopy but some lower grasses and ferns before coming to an end surrounded by beautiful ancient tree ferns, 

Continuing back through you start to get more sunlight poking through the canopy and highlighting some of the caves and sandstone over hangs. The ferns and moss return before you are faced with a little more challenging sections, although nothing too difficult. Finally you are faced with the dreaded 100 Steps heading back up and out of the gully. This section in it's self is truly beautiful. Once up the top of the steps you have the options to follow the Lookout Track or the Wheelbarrow Track, we opted for the Lookout Track which I believe is only 200m or so longer.

By taking the Lookout Track you come across Ted Daniels & Norm King Lookouts. Both of these locations give you amazing views back over the gully you just walked and a completely different perspective as you are now high above the tree canopy. If you go at the right time of your this trail is full of Black Wattle and really amazing views. Finally you come back across the large rock you saw at the start and the signs before returning to the main picnic area. This really is a stunning walk and well worth the effort. Put it on your list of places to see out this way. 

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