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Edogawa Commemorative Gardens

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Located on the grounds behind Gosford Regional Art Gallery is the stunning Edogawa Commemorative Gardens. These beautiful Japanese gardens are a wonderful place to just kick back and let it all unwind, Be it sitting by the Zen Garden, The Koi Pond or in the Tea House it is simply a great place to relax and unwind. The Koi Pond is my favorite part personally with a trickling waterfall flowing into several smaller ponds before reaching the main one with a pavilion and pier stretching out over the water. From here you get a great spot to feed the Koi, food can be purchased from the gift shop, and if you wish you can even reach down and the fish will eat right from your hands. The small Tea Garden shelter is another lovely spot to sit, read a book, and meditate or whatever, just relax with the sounds of running water nearby.

While there be sure to check out any art exhibitions that might be on in the gallery, grab a bit to eat and a coffee in the little café and grab a souvenir from the gift shop.


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