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Palm Tree Circuit Walking Trail

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Located in Munmorah State Conservation Area is the Palm Tree Circuit Trail. Along Frazer Beach Road is a little parking spot with a small picnic area, Palms Picnic Area, surrounded by stunning Palm Trees. This is the start and end point for this short walk of approximately 600m. Walking Anti-clock wise along this trail you head into the palms along a well worn trail until you come to the small stream and a wooden bridge crossing it. This is a beautiful relaxing spot to just listen to the water flow especially after a little bit of rain. Crossing the bridge the trail becomes a little less worn but still very easy to follow. The trail soon heads up through the rocks although not a steep or long climb and then back around to the stream. Here you may notice some tape blocking the track and a new trail pushed through higher, this was due to a small landslide a few years back in bad weather and part of the trail being washed away. You need to cross the stream again but there is no bridge this time, Don’t worry it is easy to keep your feet dry stepping across rocks.


Once across the stream you will start heading up hill and the track here is not as well maintained with some wash outs and exposed tree roots to navigate. Heading up the hill you will notice an information board, there are a few of them around the trail, where you can get an idea of what you are looking at, some Aboriginal history and an idea of what wild life you may spot in the area.

Heading back down the hill the trail is in better condition again although still not perfect. You soon start coming out of the beautiful gum forest and back into the palms as you descend. Before long you are back in the picnic area where you can take Five to relax and enjoy before getting back in the car and heading off.

This is a spot I would recommend bringing the family for a picnic and a small scenic walk.


Munmorah State Conservation Area does require an $8/vehicle access fee with ticket booths at all car parks or annual passes available from the National Parks & Wildlife website. 

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