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Boarding House Dam

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Boarding House Dam is aptly named due to the accommodation that was once here for for those working to log the area. What you find now is mostly regrowth forest. The dam was put in to supply water to those boarding in the area and for use in case of fire. While I am unaware of any remains of the accommodation the dam still stands strong are a lasting reminder. 

Boarding House Dam is located in the Watagan National Park with access but any manner of vehicle although I would recommend high clearance vehicles. Entry via Mount Faulk Road at Cooranbong is the easiest however at the time of publishing this website the only access is via Watagan Forest Road in Martinsville due to a large landslide on Mount Faulk Road in 2022. Following Watagan Forest Road you take a turn onto Boarding House Dam Rd, These roads should be marked on all mapping systems. 


Upon reaching the end of the road there is a large dirt carpark with an old large tree stump in the middle, I call this the Harry Potter Tree as a face has been cut into it and another cut that resembles the scar on Harry Potters forehead. There are several picnic areas including gas/electric BBQ's, garbage bins and long drop toilets, I do NOT believe fires are permitted here. It is very nice to enjoy a picnic lunch here before taking on the short loop trail to burn it off. 


After having a bite to eat you can take on the walking trail, This trail is not very long and is quite an easy walk. Starting off you will see the old Dam to your right and can walk down across the top. There are even steps for those that wish to have a swim on a hot day, or if you happen to slip in like someone I know. Continuing on there is a wooden bridge heading across the creek, this is where you can opt to follow the trail either Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise, I tend to go Clockwise continuing on past this first bridge. 

Keeping the water on my right there is a pretty well marked and worn trail to follow and in many places there are unmarked gaps to walk down closer to the creek for a closer look and to enjoy the rock over hangs etc. You can also find a spot to sit and relax in the water along here. This area really gives you that prehistoric feeling, like stepping back millions of years. For me though I like to think of the Traditional Owners, I believe the Awabakal people sitting around having a feed or Yabbies' or what ever else may be found in the area, making tools etc.


Rounding the first left hand bend you come across the Moss Wall. This is a section 100m or so long with a rock wall to your left towering 4m or more high completely covered in moss. Running your fingers along this soft rock face is a lovely feeling. A little further up you find another bridge crossing the creek, this is where it forms the loop however you can continue just a little further and walk down on the rocks along the creek. The kids can have a bit of a play around here in the shallow waters. This section however is basically a dead end and you must come back and cross the bridge or at a narrow section of the creek. 

Heading back up and away from the creek after crossing the bridge you walk through the trees with very little on the ground except leaf litter and moss covered rocks, broken up by the occasional fallen tree. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled here for the wild life and the Staghorn Ferns high in the tree canopy. 

Crossing more small bridges and making your way through the forest you eventually come back across that first bridge and can return to your vehicle. Before jumping in the car to head home take a moment to check for Leaches as this is where I had my first one find skin and take hold. A bit of Salt or a lighter and they quickly let go but make sure you treat the wound with antiseptic cream, alcohol wipes or something similar to help prevent infection of the area. Prevention is the best method though so some high Deet spray such as OFF, Bushman, Aeroguard etc around your shoes, legs etc works well. Long pants are also a good idea but the bug spray should do the trick.. 

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