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Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

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The Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens is located at Mount Tomah just off of The Bells Line Of Road heading up over The Blue Mountains. Parking is plentiful and you are immediately greeted but a café and the stunning Formal Gardens. Heading through into the Information Centre you can get a little history of the area, enjoy a snack at the indoor café while looking out over the gardens, Mount Tomah and the Blue Mountains. Down stairs there is some traditional history of how the local Dharug people lived in the area and utilized plants and trees for food and tools. Venturing out into the gardens from the back of the Information Center you can now take in the full beauty of the place and submerse yourself in the peaceful environment. Following the trails through the gardens you will come across a range of different types of garden such as Natives, Carnivorous, Stone and much more. There are a number of spots where you can sit and relax for a little taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the gardens not to mention rest your feet as there can be quite a bit of


walking. With signage placed around the gardens you can not only take in the beauty but you can stop to read and learn about the different plants and environments in which they are found. Back in the Information Center you may even be able to purchase some small pots with some of the plants you have seen throughout and take them home for your own gardens.

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