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Birdie Beach

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Birdie Beach is located in Munmorah State Conservation Area on the NSW Central Coast. With the Freemans Campground nearby this beach is very popular not just for tourists but with locals as well, This is a beach with a difference. The Northern end of Birdie Beach, starting approximately 200 meters North East of the car park is a Clothing Optional section while the remains of the beach is just like any other and you must wear clothes. With its beautiful soft white sands this is a wonderful place to spend a few hours or a day, be it clothed or not. The Clothing option section is also known as Red Ochre Beach due to the Red Ochre that can be found in the hills surrounding the beach which also stains the colour of the lagoon, you may think it is dirty but it is really just the ochre stained waters. The lagoon is a lovely place to float around and cool off although mostly too shallow for a decent swim. You obviously have the ocean if you wish to have a swim in the waves, nude surf or even a naked fish, just be careful of which worm you put that hook through.


Further to the north of the beach is the rock platform heading around towards Waterfall Beach although blocked mostly due to a cutting in the rocks making it very dangerous to pass. This platform is mostly accessible during low tide and should not be visited during rough sea conditions. There is a lovely small but protected rock pool you can float around in as well. Red Ochre Beach or Birdie Beach as it is commonly know is also the founding place for Rosco Club (Red Ochre Swimming Club) at Freemans Waterhole which is a wonderful nudist club nestled in the bush below Heaton Lookout in the Watagan Mountains. Try as you may, you will not be able to see anything from the lookout but I do hope one day to bring you a video Rosco Club.

Remember when visiting Clothing Option locations such as Birdie Beach, they are not about sexual activities. If you are caught performing any indecent acts, hassling women, being a creep (Perv), taking photos/filming (Without consent) ect someone is likely to say something or contact the Police as this sort of behavior is not tolerated. That is not what being a Nudist is about.


Munmorah State Conservation Area does require an $8/vehicle access fee with ticket booths at all car parks or annual passes available from the National Parks & Wildlife website. 

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