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Abbotts Falls

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Starting near The Pines Picnic Area in Olney State Forest is the Abbotts Falls Walking Trail. The Pines Picnic Area is accessible by any manner of vehicle although it is on dirt road and can get rather corrugated. The best entry is from Martinsville Hill Road in Martinsville as many of the other access trails can be a considerably longer drive and not as well maintained. The Pines Picnic Area not only provides a beautiful area for a packed lunch it also includes fire pits, an under-covered area, drop toilets and importantly garbage bins.

Martinsville Hill Road & Watagan Forest Road's are both access to active logging areas within the state forests and therefore caution should be taken on tight bends, if you have a UHF Radio either in car or hand held it is strongly recommended you use channel 24 and announce your location at each KM Marker on the way in and out. I also like to deflate my tyres to 25PSI where the road changes from tarmac to dirt and engage 4H but as mentioned this is not required. 


Heading off onto the trail I opted to go Anti Clockwise direction down through what used to be known as the Wattle Gum Camping Area, this camping area has been removed from Forestry's dedicated campgrounds and therefore is no longer maintained. At what I class as the trail head there is a timber sign to mark the beginning of the walk. The trail here is commonly used by walkers and trail bike riders so can be a little chewed up but is not difficult. The track crosses Howes Road and shortly comes out onto Abbotts Road. Turn left onto Abbotts Road & continue to the end where you will find the trail continuing, this is where it becomes more of a bush walking trail and not so used by trail bikes.


There is a long descent with amazing views, large vines, rock over hands and finally coming down into a rainforest environment. You will come to a section that seems to open up with lots of vines hanging, off to the left here takes you to an early section of Dora Creek where you will find a beautiful spot to stop and have a rest break. This is where part 1 of my video ended. Back into that opening and you will see the continuing trail on the other side. After descending a a little more and crossing Dora Creek a few more times you eventually come to the top of Abbotts Falls. It is at this point waterproof hiking shows can be very handy as you may end up with wet feet otherwise. 

On the other side of the creek here a little further up the trail there is apparently a sign and a detour on the right hand side, I missed this. This detour will lead you to the bottom of Abbotts Falls and from my understanding the final part can be difficult and require the use of a supplied rope to climb up and down between two large boulders. Once crossing the creek you now enter Jilliby State Conservation Area, this means National Park rules apply and domestic animals are no longer allowed. After visiting the bottom of the falls if you do find this detour you then start to climb back up out of the gulley, for me this was the most taxing part of the walk but still very much worth it with the surrounding beauty. Eventually coming out on German Point Road you can now stop again and catch your breath. Going left and heading slightly up hill some more, German Point Road is a pretty easy walk again At the end of German Point Road you can either follow the Watagan Forest Road back or there is another small trail that brings you into Casuarina Campground, through Turpentine Campground and you can cross a small waterfall into The Pines Campground, you will then find another small trailt hat cuts through to The Pines Picnic Area although that is not on any maps I have found. 

Abbotts Falls Trail starts in Olney State Forest but continues on through part of Jilliby State Conservation Area and therefore National Park rules apply. 

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