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Welcome to On Country With Mick. 

Join me exploring as much of this amazing country, Australia, as I can. Through bush walking, camping, 4wding and more I plan to show you as much of this country as I can. Not only can you follow me but with the "Get Around" page you can even start planning your adventures. Each waypoint on the map shows a different place I have been and you can read all about it as well as follow links to my video on that location and download a waypoint or route for your own journeys. 

Read my stories through the Blogs section, check out what gear I use on the Gear page and grab some merchandise through the online store. While watching my videos you can even learn about Aboriginal Language & Culture as I share parts from my Dharug ancestry. 

Start your journey below by checking out my latest video and before you start your trip don't forget my Aussie Driving Music Spotify Playlist full of great Australian artists to enjoy on those long drives. 

Yanma Budyari Muragu - Walk A Good Path

This Weeks Video

In this weeks video I take the wife out in the camper trailer for a couple of nights and we give it a test run to see how she likes it. With the annexe, a little pot belly stove and some cold weather this is one of the best tests I think we could have given it.

About Me

To put it quickly I am an Aussie bloke that loves everything that Natural Australia has to offer. From the beaches to the rivers, the mountains to the plains, the rainforests to the deserts and everything in between. I don't like the city's, the hustle and the bustle, places like that just drive me insane.


For a bigger explanation and a lot more detail please continue to below. I promise no more half arsed rhyming.

Ok so lets get into it. Born in the early 80's I was raised in the Blacktown area of Western Sydney. When I was a child, younger than 10, my Mother joined WIRES (Wildlife Information & Rescue Services) where she was often bringing home injured native animals, mostly birds (Forked Tail Swallow was her specialty) but we also had a Brushed Tailed & Ring Tailed Possum to care for at one stage. Because of Mum being in

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