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Gap Creek Falls

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In the Watagan National Park you will find Gap Creek Falls. This area provides a Camping Area which being National Park involved a $6 booking fee. There are limited spots available here and access is best with a 4wd or high clearance vehicle. There is also a picnic area a short distance from the camping area and this is where the walking trail starts when heading down to the falls. Starting off with some very old Grass tree. These are known to grow at a rate of approx 1cm/year in over all height so stop for a minute and just think of how old there trees really are. 

Continuing on a well worn and relatively easy, but deceptive trail you are surrounded by thick damp forest, hope you have sprayed your shoes and legs to prevent leaches although I have never had any here. The ground along this trail can be very wet as it does not see a lot of sun and there are several sections where you might see some smaller waterfalls and streams running across the trail after rain.  


About half way into the 1.2km walk you will find a sign where I believe you can fork off and walk across the top of the falls. This 2nd trail is currently closed (Dec 2023) I did attempt this but the trail was very over grown and pretty well lost so we turned back. Maybe you will have more luck. This is where the track to the bottom of the falls starts to get more difficult. Upon returning in December 2023 I found National Parks have added steps and in some places metal railings to assist in this section. Take your time, hang onto things, take a walking stick what ever it might be just go easy and watch kids. 


The last section of the trail there are a few rocks and the worst, steepest section, maybe 100m if that, the newly installed step make this much easier going down, not so much coming out. Then you are rewarded with the falls. The cool mist in the area from the spray as the water flows over the top and smashes onto the rocks in front of you. There is a small pool you could cool off in but really the whole area is so much cooler in temperature than it is above. Find a rock and just take it in, this area is amazing with the Palms, the Ferns, The moss and just the amazing feeling. I enjoy the feeling here more than I have at any other falls so far, especially after some rain with the falls flowing well. 

Take your time, relax, take in this stunning location and recover those muscles, you will need them on the walk back out. Apparently there is an old rickety ladder you can also use to climb to the top of the falls but again this is not something I have done and from what I have heard it does not sound very safe or secure. On your walk back out take your time, stop for a drink, a breath etc as it can take a fair bit out of you but the view at the bottom is really well worth the effort. 

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